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The Scandals In Rome And What The Pope Is Doing To Stop Them

By Desiree Heiser
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There are many scandals that involve the Catholic Church but the most well known one is allegations of sexual abuse. There are numerous victims that are coming out to claim that they were sexually abused by their priest, etc. So one may ask what is the current Pope going to do about all of these allegations? How is he going to restore the credibility of the Roman Catholic Church? Here are some of the plans that he is going to do to help restore credibility to the Church.
He has acknowledged that the scandals have damaged credibility to the Church. The abuse scandals have been ongoing in the US specifically for about a year.  A Pennsylvania grand jury found over 300 cases spanning from several decades that no one discussed or seemed to want to dispel the rumors. So Pope Francis wrote a lengthy letter to his US Diocese about this scandal in hopes to gather as he termed it “a fraternity” to stop this abuse from occurring. He emphasizes that it is the church’s leaders responsibility to ensure that their patrons are protected.
One of Pope Francis’s cardinals in the US Diocese resigned last year because he was found to be one of the abusers in the ongoing scandal. Pope Francis strongly urges his Diocese and patrons to be more vigilant and help the victims so that the scandals will stop. By doing this they are hoping that their Diocese will be more comfortable coming forward to stop further abuse from occurring.  
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Pope Francis urges the abusers to come forward, turn themselves in to the appropriate authorities and accept responsibility for their actions. Pope Francis also says that it is the Church’s goal to make sure that none of this ever happens again and that the abusers need to receive justice for their actions. He also states that the wrongdoers actions affect the good priests/clergymen and gives the Roman Catholic Church a very bad reputation.
One may question why hasn’t anything been done previously? This abuse has been going on for so long so why now? Why has the Pope or the Vatican turned a deaf ear on all of this? Did they not have enough evidence or was it because they might not have believed the victims? One may not know or may have some conspiracy theories on all of this but one thing is clear. The abuse must stop! These victims are innocent children being molested by someone that they shouldn’t have to worry about. It is their priest or clergy and those men take an oath first of all to be celibate and secondly to make sure that their parishioners can trust them fully. 
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Pope Francis has stated that ignoring the cries of the victims must not happen anymore. That it is a huge mistake on their parts to ignore it all and now they must be held accountable for their actions. He has also thanked the news outlets and many other journalists for helping the victims to come out and make their voices heard and stand against their abusers.
In one new’s article it says that the Pope’s solution letter regarding the sex scandals had only reached Rome four days prior to the meeting which wasn’t enough time to properly read through it all, so the Vatican wasn’t able to come up with a solution. Due to this, the Pope lost two of his most valuable associates that would help him with media and other sources to come up with a solution. So if there isn’t a quick response coming from the Pope that would be why.
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So should the Pope get two more associates to help him with all of this controversy? I say yes, so that he can dispel all of this negative connotation regarding the Catholic Church and its parishioners. Let’s just hope with all of this coming to light that the Church can repair the damages that are done and become stronger and more unified with its patrons/parishioners. 
Also let’s hope and pray that justice is served to the poor families that are affected by this controversy. A Pennsylvania grand jury brought to light that there are more than 300 cases within the course of 70 years and that the offenders need to be punished. There are potentially even more than that but so far in the new’s articles those are the ones that are openly discussed. All those innocent victims of abuse need to be brought to justice and the priests/cardinals need to be stripped of their rights and be put in jail. The offenders preyed upon poor innocent children and they need to pay for what they did. 
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Last year September, Saudi Arabia made it known that it would lift the ban on women for driving, activists admired a step toward the equality of women in a country that is known for its patriarchal and restrictive laws. Some week ago, the opening driver’s licenses were supplied to ten of Saudi women, though initially they won’t be able to drive formally until the lift was effected on the 24th of June.sau3

But in some month past, seventeen of the activists on women’s rights, many of whom crusaded for their right to drive in the country, were arrested by some of the Saudi securities. The abolition, outlined by a lot of the human rights groups, comes just weeks before the ban was set to be lifted. Eight of the women activists have been set free reported by some Government officials. Among those that arrested are Eman al-Nafjan, an activist and a blogger; Aisha al-Manea, is a veteran driving activist also an activist with a large social media presence; and Loujain al-Hathloul; the three women were all public leaders in the crusade to end the ban on driving. Four of the activists have announces been set free, following what Reuters said.


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