The Current Political Scenario of the United States of America

By Hammad Mushtaq 
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The United States of America is the foremost and most influential country on the globe. From the economy to military power to global reach, the USA outnumbers every country in the world. This is the reason that the whole world looks up to the USA to gauge the course of time and also to serve as the beacon of light in case of any calamity or trouble. It is the USA’s sheer influence on the world that whatever happens on the U.S political front carry forwards the impact on the rest of the world. In a nutshell, ongoing political scenarios of America does not only drive domestic politics but also fuels the global politics.
What is happening now on the USA’s political front?
As stated above, the USA is the driving force of global politics and thus what happens in the USA casts an impact on the foreign policy of every country. As of now, U.S political scenario is the hot topic of every diplomatic corner, newsroom, and private as well as insightful meetings. The reason simply is the Presidential Elections held, primarily, on November 3rd, 2020. Like any other presidential elections, this year’s polls were also of prime significance but due to the ongoing pandemic and quite a close contest, this year’s polls were much unusual in nature. 
Though it had been quite some time since Americans had given their verdict by casting their votes but still presidential elections are in debate. The reason is quite unusual and something which seldomly happens in U.S history. It is so because the losing candidate, who is a sitting president of the United States of America, has rejected the election results and thus denying his defeat. On the other hand, the winning candidate is busy formulating his team and assuring Americans to be sure of their good future ahead. 
This development is very interesting as the USA is known for having the world’s most comprehensive and accurate polling system. Furthermore, it is also quite a rare occurrence where a losing candidate is reluctant to accept his defeat and the winning candidate is giving speeches and doing press conferences as he has transformed into president-elect to president-sworn in. Nevertheless, the current political stance is being closely observed by both domestic as well as foreign bodies due to its far-ending implications.
Why the current scenario is alarming?
Elections are equated against the will of the people and are thus welcomed by every democratic nation. However, this good omen can turn into an alarming situation when a defeated candidate is not ready to accept the elections. This scenario is creating a rift in the U.S political scenario and may give rise to political instability in the country. Owing to the possible political instability, the current situation of America’s political stance is indeed very alarming. Not only does it collateral for the local economy, but the global economy may also experience its aftershocks if this situation prolongs.
Why the current president is not ready to concede?
There are multiple reasons due to which the current president, Donald Trump, is not willing to accept his defeat and is thus reluctant to transit power to Joe Biden- The President-elect. President Trump thinks that he hasn’t actually lost the elections instead he is made to lose the elections. He calls fake votes to be the main culprit. Moreover, he has also challenged election results in the courts. 
Owing to these developments, President Trump has categorically stated that he will never concede to the fake ballots. He has reiterated his intention to fight this case on the legal as well as national front and quite hopeful of his win.
What’s next?
Now the question arises that if the current president isn’t conceding then what’s next? People are curious that how would their great country continue to prosper in such a politically challenging time? The answer is quite simple: 
The concession is a custom and is therefore something which is not required under the law.
So, this implies that even if the current president does not concede, the law will surely make its way. Therefore, the United States of America won’t stay in a politically challenged state for long. One sheer example is the decision of Emily Murphy- the administrator of the General Services Administration. She has initiated the protocols pertaining to the peaceful transition of power to the new administration. As per her decision, Mr. Biden has been regarded as the apparent winner of the Presidential Elections 2020 and has, therefore, been granted access to the federal funds and resources to make arrangements for the transition of power. Moreover, Biden’s advisors are also authorized to coordinate with Trump administration for taking gradual control of the things. According to Ms. Murphy; whatever has she done is exactly in line with the country’s law. Therefore, she is under no pressure to do things as per someone’s discretion.

USA Partial Shutdown Of The Government


The government ends its activities when discretionary federal discretionary programs are closed. The president must do this when the Congress does not allocate funds. In the normal budgetary process, the Congress allocates funds before September 30 for the next fiscal year. If this does not happen, Congress will adopt a resolution of ongoing funding. If Congress cannot reach an agreement, it forces a halt. This indicates a complete breakdown of the budget process.

In the United States, the government stands still when Congress fails to skip sufficient payment accounts or resolutions to fund federal government activities and agencies, or the president refuses to promote such bills or resolutions. In such cases, the current interpretation of the anti-deficiency law requires the federal government to start "stopping" the relevant activities about non-essential personnel leave and the reduction of agency activities and services.

The partial United States government shutdown in October affected about one-third of all public services, including the justice system. Due to the stalemate between President Barack Obama and the Republican leadership, federal courts announced that they would be delaying civil cases, which caused a tremendous concern amongst legal professionals.


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