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What's the aim of the magazine?


To discover skills and talents; and, foster continuation of these skills and talents by exposing them to the world marketplace. 
Would the magazine carry advertisement?

Like other magazine it plans to carry commercial advertisements.

Can one send more than one pictures ?

We encourage gentlemen to send at least two pictures.

What happen to the pictures and writings when they don’t appear online or in the magazine?

The pictures and writings are saved in a secured database with possibilities of being published toward upcoming publications.

How do we plan to get the pictures for the compilation of the magazine?
Well, Ladies and Gentlemen, we very much invite gentlemen to upload some of their pictures along with a piece of art (writing) by using the Upload page of the site. 
Can a reader of the magazine or an internaute contact one of the selected gentlemen?

Good question. This question depends on the information’s submitted by the gentleman in question, and if desired the partnership provides email contacts.

How often and how many scholarships are awarded?

Every six month, the GGSFP will awards 100 scholarships.

How do I get the scholarship funds?

Scholarship funds are sent to the eligible gentleman school of choice in file.

What should the art(writing) comprised?

The art(writing) can be on the fashion, style, look, feeling, coolness, etc...of the pictures; or, simply good art.

Would the art (writing) be posted online as well as inside the magazine?

Because of the size of our WebPages, texts are published only in the magazine.

What are criteria’s to becoming a gentleman?
The partnership don’t have a philosophy on criteria’s to becoming a gentleman; nevertheless, the partnership believes that gentlemen are gentlemen no matter who and where they are. 
How to submit research projects, art projects, community outreach programs, ect...?

By using the Upload page of the site, research programs, art projects, community outreach programs etc...can be submitted to us.

How submitted research projects, art projects, community outreach programs....are handled?

Research programs, art projects, community outreach programs...are handled with great care in our secured database, and posted online upon the partnership posting policies.

Why the partnership doesn’t include programs for women?

Ladies, even though the name of the partnership is entirely correlated to men; well, your participation is and will always very much be needed. Right now ladies, we have to work with what is at hand, but we assure you that we are working hard on something for ladies.

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